Wilderness Lifestyle Add-on Activities and Multi-sports

Wilderness Activities

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Wildlife Interpretive Activities

There is a an abundance of wildlife in the area and our Wildlife Viewing tours are the perfect way to take advantage of the many species that live in the area. The tours can be truck based or horse-based. There is also an opportunity to see a Grizzly Bear den or take a bear defense safety course.

Horsemanship Adventures

One of the best ways to explore the natural beauty of the South Chilcotin mountains is by horseback.
Take our Mountain Day Ride or our Guided Trail Riding, lasting from 1-5 hours. You also have the opportunity to take a riding lesson or try Bareback riding. You can also try horseback competitions or take lessons in Long Reining.

Cowboy / Wrangler Activities

For people that would like to work with horses, we offer lessons in horse logging, horse shoeing and horse packing. You can also familialize yourself with the wilderness life-style and take our orientation course on swinging and axe, off road driving, trailer hauling and skidder and back hoe operation.

Angling Adventures

If you are interested in fishing and dream about catching your own wild trout, we offer guided fishing tours. In the wintertime we offer ice fishing. For the novice angler an ideal place to get started is with our fishing equipment introduction course.

Winter Activities

If you are visiting us during Winter, we can take you on a tour to hear the wolf calling or go on a Winter eagle viewing tour. You can also chose to try snowshoeing, cross country skiing or even try driving a snowmobile with one of our experienced guides.

Ranch Pastimes

To get a sense of ranch life you are able to visit the Bralorne Museum or take part in our day long interpretive hikes or a shorter 2 hour interpretive hike. You can go on our Stargazing tour, or test your aiming skills with archery, gold panning, target shooting and lariat throwing. We also offer guided mountain biking tours, gold mine shaft exploration and guided hiking tours.

Multi Sports

There is an array of sports activities you can do at the ranch. This includes the bucking barrel, horseshoe toss and fence running. For horse competitions you can complete pole bending, barrel racing or scurry pole. For logger sports we offer pole climbing, axe throwing, log rolling and saw cutting.




in Bridge River Valley

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