Honeymoon Cabin

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The Honeymoon cabin is one of a number of accommodation options available at the ranch. This log cabin is set back from the Historic Gun Creek Lodge and is situated among the trees, in the pasture of the ranch horses. The Honeymoon Cabin is a great style of accommodation for romantic trips away. Can you imagine a better location than this remote log cabin in which you can wake up in the middle of nature, watching the sun coming over the wild  mountains and the horses grazing all around you. The clear night sky and mountain air makes the evenings just as wonderful to share a moment with your loved one. Guests are able to end a beautiful day in the Canadian wilderness sitting sitting side by side on the porch of their private and secluded wood cabin observing the stars.

This cosy log cabin is designed to accommodate two guests and includes one bedroom with a queen bed, a full bathroom (including tub and shower), a comfy living room with piano and washer/dryer. A fully-equiped kitchen adds to the list of benefits of renting the Honeymoon Cabin and a modest dining  room allows guests the opportunity of eating a meal alone with in secluded privacy. If you prefer to share your experiences of the day with other guests and meet interesting and diverse people coming from all over the world you can also join the other guests and the guides in the Historic Gun Creek Lodge. Our rustic setting and secluded location mean that a walk back to the Honeymoon Cabin at night is lit by star light, but flashlights are recommended to assist in the guests as they return from the communal dinner in the lodge.

The Honeymoon Cabin was hand built with locally harvested Douglas-fir trees, utilising the resources from the surrounding area. Demonstrating the ingenuity and talent of the ranch owner, the Honeymoon Cabin was constructed in one week by two very-skilled local loggers. Closer inspection of the timber walls of the cabin still reveals the natural imperfections of the wood, a tell-tale sign of the tree’s past a testimony to the sustainability of this building.

The closest little town to the Honeymoon Cabin is Gold Bridge, easily accessed by one of the three main roads leading into the Valley. The Hurley Pass, the Highline Road and Hwy 40 are the main access points from which to approach the Cabin. Those guests looking for more seclusion than at Tyax or Gun Lake or for those people not wishing to have to fly into Spruce Lake, the Honeymoon Cabin provides the perfect place for guests to enjoy the natural surrounds. The Bridge River Valley is a beautifully remote place where guests can enjoy the calm of nature. Consistent with this idea of getting away in the wilderness is the absence of wifi in the Honeymoon cabin and cell phone connection all over the Ranch. Guests who choose the Honeymoon cabin are delighted in the opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and are more than happy to escape the hectic reminders of technology, preferring instead to focus on each other and the picturesque surroundings.

Budding cabin builders, romantic couples or solo travellers are equally enchanted by the Honeymoon Cabin. Whether it is a quick get-away or a longer stay, don’t miss your opportunity to experience the beauty of the Bridge River Valley in your own private Honeymoon Cabin.




in Bridge River Valley

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