Anderson Lake Camp

Forest Cabin

Location: In the coast Range Mountains, this is one of our lower elevation camps. It is a three hour ride or hike from our ranch

Altitude: 2500 ft

Price per night per four people: $200 + $15 per night per extra person

Experience level: Beginner

Flora, fauna and landscape: Spring comes early here and this is when the mountain goats and grizzly bears begin migrating to their mountain summer ranges. A stay in this camp from April to July will teach you about migration patterns and immerse you in the nomadic lifestyle of a hunter gatherer, following the wildlife into the mountains. This camp is located close to Anderson and Birkenhead Lakes as well as many of the Coast Range Mountains.

Camp: Camping in a tent will ensure you have a close nature experience

Unique features: Fans of literature might enjoy the chance to hike Tolkien Peak to the northwest of