Mountain Tent Accommodation

Mountain Tent
Are you looking to disconnect from the city and reconnect to nature with a mountain camping experience?

With our range of tent camping locations to suit everyone’s experience and sense of adventure, we have the mountain tent for you! Experience the wilderness, hike to the mountain tops, view roaming wildlife all from your tent base.

Camping in the wilderness gives you the perfect opportunity to connect more deeply to nature than ever before as you split firewood, cook dinner over the campfire and pack in your water from nearby creeks. Fire pits and pit toilets ensure all your wilderness camping needs are met. Many of our camps also have hitching posts or corrals for your horses. Grazing meadows are located near to many of our camps.

Our 10′ x 12′ wood-framed canvas prospector tents, some complete with sleeping cots and foamies, are the perfect base for two adults or a young family to explore the wilderness from.

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Tent camp

Check out each of our tent camps

Pearson Creek Camp

Experience level: Beginner

With a stream running right passed camp and the ease of access, this camp is the perfect way to introduce your family to the back-country.

Battlement Ridge Camp

Experience level: Extreme

This camp is far away from main trails. Its seclusion creates an immersive backcountry experience.

Warner Camp

Experience level: Intermediate

Fish in the small alpine pond.

Downton Creek Camp
Experience level: Beginner

Enjoy fishing in Downton Lake.



McParlon Camp

Experience level: Beginner

Unparalleled goat viewing opportunities.

Hope Creek Camp

Experience level: Beginner

This area is on the transition line between the coastal and interior climate.

Keary Lake Camp
Experience level: Advanced

This camp is hidden in a box canyon, guarded by a huge hanging glacier, making it truly isolated. 


Cedarvale Creek Camp

Experience level: Intermediate

Enjoy these rolling sub-alpine meadows.

B & F Camp

Experience level: Beginner

The historical B&F Trail is an old mining road that horses trekked up and down one hundred years ago, packing in supplies and packing out gold.

Cinnebar Camp
Experience level: Intermediate

Accessible by an old mining road and close to the Taylor Basin mining area, this camp will bring you close to the history of these mountains.


Upper Paradise Valley Camp

Experience level: Intermediate

Enjoy the rolling alpine meadows.

Anderson Lake Camp

Experience level: Beginner

Fans of literature might enjoy the chance to hike Tolkien Peak to the northwest of camp.