Slim Creek Camp

Wilderness Adventure

Location: This sub-alpine camp is located to the west of the South Chilcotin Mountains Provincial Park. It is only a couple of hours ride or hike from the Slim Creek trail head.

Altitude: 5000 ft

Price per night per four people: $200 + $15 per night per extra person

Experience level: Intermediate

Flora, fauna and landscape: Grizzly bears feed on rich vegetation, moose graze willows and mountain goats are frequently seen on the rocky mountain sides. This camp is bordered by rolling glaciated mountain slopes blanketed with wildflowers. Explore Slim Mountain or Leckie Peak or view Hummingbird, Trigger and Warner Lakes from the mountain tops.

Camp: This cabin is an ideal snowmobile shelter and hiking base.

Unique features: Over the winter months, this camp is an ideal place to access snowmobile trails in the Slim Creek area.