Nadila Lake Camp

Nadila camp

Location: This is our most northerly camp, on the Dil-Dil Plateau in the Big Creek Provincial Park. It is located in the transition between the Chilcotin Mountains and the Chilcotin Plateau. It is located four hours ride or hike north of our Big Creek camp.

Altitude: 6500 ft

Price per night per four people: $200 + $15 per night per extra person

Experience level: Extreme

Flora, fauna and landscape: This area is the perfect place to scout for mule deer, moose and grizzly bears.California Bighorn sheep are frequently seen on Ram Mountain and around Tosh Valley. From this camp, explore Nadila Lake, Ram Mountain or journey south into Tosh Valley.

Camp: It is equipped with a small, rustic log cabin to give you a real taste of life over one hundred years ago in the Chilcotin Mountains.

Unique features: The remoteness of this camp and the historical cabin create an authentic backcountry experience that is hard to replicate in more easily accessible areas of the parks.