Graveyard Creek Camp

Graveyard Valley resize

Location: Located in the Big Creek Provincial Park, this camp is a true back-country experience with historical significance. This camp is a five hour ride or hike from the Relay trail head

Altitude: 6000 ft

Price per night per four people: $200 + $15 per night per extra person

Experience level: Intermediate

Flora, fauna and landscape: Scout for mule deer, California Bighorn sheep, mountain goats and grizzly bears. Places to explore include Lorna Lake, Big Creek, the Cluckata Ridge and the headwaters of Tyaughton Creek to the south.

Camp: The historic log cabin will give you a taste of life one hundred years ago in these mountains.

Unique features: This area is given historical significance, rich with stories of First Nations burial grounds, cattle and sheep grazing by the famous Gang Ranch, guide outfitting and early prospectors.