Connel Creek Camp

Connel Creek

Location: Located in the Bendor Range, this camp is at treeline in the rugged Coastal Mountains. Access time to camp is six hours from the Cadwallader trail head by horse or hiking.

Altitude: 6500 ft

Price per night per four people: $200 + $15 per night per extra person

Experience level: Advanced

Flora, fauna and landscape: Scout for mountain goats on the mountain sides and grizzly bears in the sub-alpine meadows. Explore Mounts Truax, Williams, Fergusson and Bobb, enjoy the views of Carpenter Lake and the glaciers.

Camp: An A frame cabin with a sleeping loft makes this a compact cabin that caters to all your needs.

Unique features: This camp is accessible by horse or hiking but the terrain around camp lends itself better to hiking. The Bendor Range is part of the coastal mountains, composed of granite. These “younger” mountains are much more rugged than the much older Chilcotin ranges. This area lends itself well to back-country skiing.